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Jul 3, 2010
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I can no longer connect my DX to my pc, the computer will see it but not as a drive, when i connect the dx knows it connected, the pc knows it also but when i try to open the drive (dx) it sats no drive connected. It started with mass storage mode, now pc mode does not connect either.:(:(:(:(:(:(:'(


Jul 25, 2010
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Couple things to consider...

1 -- the X must be unlocked for the computer to "see" it when plugged in via USB.

2 -- Do NOT install that Moto app/program on your computer - the one that insists on being installed when you plug in the USB to the X/computer. It's a troublesome program that does absolutely NOTHING but cause problems. Don't know why it's there at all. Don't need it when using USB Mass Storage Mode. All ops can be done as if the X were a flash drive using drag/drop. Very simple.

If you have installed that Moto program to your computer, UN-install it and click "cancel" for any reference to it from that point on when you plug in your X. Pain, but simplifies life.
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Dirty Ders

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Oct 19, 2010
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I agree that the driver package is unnecessary and causes too many issues. When I installed it in the beginning my Droid X went into to boot mode every time I connected it to my PC.

However my Droid X does not have to be unlocked when connected to my PC.

I currently run XP sp3 (I don’t think that matters) on my PC and when the Droid X is attached via USB I have two separate drives that appear: The first is the micro SD card “Droid X 32” (M: ) (what I named it) appears above my optical drives, and the second is “Motorola” (L: ) (self named) appears below all my drives.

I made a shortcut link of the SD card drive and posted it in my “My Documents” folder. That’s where I go when I need to access my card. I had decided to name the card so that I could easily find it on systems that have multiple card drives.

Your issue might be that the card is corrupt in some way. Unmount it, physically remove it, and replace it.
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