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Jan 21, 2010
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Ok I see a lot of post about e-mails so here is my rambling on the issue and if someone wants to chime in go ahead I may learn a thing or two more. ;)

RIM has there own e-mail servers and if your on VZW its integrated with your account example, but does not work with native exchange you have to setup OWA (OWA does not work the calendar) or purchase RIM?s server software. I had a BB for several years and could always get e-mail but never sync my calendar.

Android OS is integrated with Gmail

I have had no problems with sending or receiving e-mails on my phone if I want to add an attachment all I do is hit the menu at the bottom of the phone (menu brings up, send, Add, Cc/Bcc, attach, edit subject, and discard)

For my work e-mails I use the exchange e-mail built in on the phone. Now I don?t know about most but I have sat at my work computer and when an e-mail came through it was on my phone 15 sec later. I use the Calendar also with no problems. You just have to talk to your IT admin to setup the server correctly MOTO does have instructions on how to set it up.

If I want my home e-mail I add it to my g-mail, it may not be as quick but it don?t take forever either, the option is there.

As far as accepting invites from outlook, it can be done the only problem is both parties need to be synced with Google and sharing calendars to do it. I can accept invites from lets say my wife but that?s because her outlook is synced with Google calendar and she shares her calendar with me. I cannot accept invites from someone from my work that sends to my gmail unless they sync with google calendar and share there calendar with me, but I can from my exchange mail account from work.

So to sum this up in a nut shell the Android phones like the iPhone was not setup for business like BB's are and still have a long way to go but you can set it up to work, its a pain but it can be done. I love my droid more than my old storm and more than the iphone (had an iTouch you know an iPhone without the phone, 2 people I work with have iPhones and still have problems setting up with exchange lol).