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Earphones not Working during Call otherwise able to hear music


New member
Nov 16, 2016
I have been going mad over this problem.I am using the earphones provided along with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.My problem is that I am able to hear music with my earphones but problem starts when I am in a call.During a call I am able to hear other persons voice through earphones but people on the other side are not able to hear me. Can some tell me what's wrong in my settings.

i bought this phone 8 months back and everything was working fine so far. But from yesterday this problem started. My headset is working fine in other iphones.


Mar 6, 2012
Hi! I'm so sorry that you're having this problem. I would suggest rooting around through your Call settings to see if anything had been turned off accidentally. Also, it wouldn't hurt to do a reboot of your phone, just to see if it knocks out any bugs.

Let us know if anything changes! If all else fails, try connecting another pair of headphones to your Edge and see if you're audible.