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Edge owners: Please tell me if you can see this


New member
Apr 3, 2015
Take your phone and put it on a mostly-white screen (go to wifi settings and turn wifi off will do this). Then hold your phone with the screen facing your eyes, angle it either left or right away from your eyes. When looking at it from an angle like that, can you see where the flat screen stops and the edge screen begins? It's a color shift, but it kind of looks like the edge goes over a hump?

My phone is often in a car dock, so I am looking at from an angle quite often, I can see this little...line or whatever it is I'm seeing, right before where the flat screen stops and the edge screen begins. OCD person that I am, it's kind of irking me. I had a different Edge phone before this one, which I returned due to overheating problems, and I don't remember being able to see this line.

Just wondering if this is normal or if I am completely nuts or what.