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Oct 29, 2010
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Hi there - I have searched but it's hard to find answers and info on the LOW end tablets out there.

I have an Amazon return credit and nothing I particularly want/need. I don't have a bunch of extra cash to burn at the moment, but I have thinking about getting a tablet for a while. I don't personally need one, but instead one of the main purposes would be as a "toy"/media player for my son (nearly 2). I want to spend the least possible while getting something that will at least be able to function as a video player.

I'd like to get the cheapest tablet possible without being a complete piece of trash. The main uses would be - to play videos for our son, to play simple games (toddler lock ftw) and maybe as Boxee remote and simple web surfing thingy in the living room.

While I'd like the performance to be "ok" I am also concerned over build quality etc. I am looking for something in the $150 range (I know this is LOW END) because if I was able to spend over $200 I'd likely try to get a Nook Color or a Galaxy Tab.

I see this piece of ... tech and the price is great (less than a Touchpad!) but I think it might struggle playing videos - I've seen videos of it in action and it stutters flipping between home screens PanDigital 72-70FW

Then I hear that some of the Coby tablets aren't half bad - only downside is resistive touch. Is there something in the sub $150 that is worth getting? If not perhaps I'll wait for the Amazon tablet or something in that price range.
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Mar 3, 2011
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You want cheap?

Coby, and believe it or not, some of the models you can even root and rom.

Nook Color? Yeah, cheap and rootable.

Me? I just today got an acer Iconia A501. Already rooted, Clockwork installed, now only left is the Honeyvillain Rom.