Email digests/subscriptions have invalid URLs in them (starting ~12/30/2016)


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Feb 10, 2011
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I get my feed from Android Central primarily by subscribing to threads that are of interest, rather than coming back to the site periodically to see if anything new showed up.

Around 12/30/2016, the emails started coming through with malformed URLs in them.

For example, this showed up in my email recently:
You are subscribed to the thread "Anyone thinking of getting one...or three?" by Golfdriver97, there have been 3 post(s) to this thread, the last poster was OliverK.

These following posts were made to the thread:
Re: Anyone thinking of getting one...or three?
Posted by: PhiPsi32
On: 12-30-2016 05:04 AM

Thoughts on the setup process and performance?​

Note that the URL in the above message should have been:
which then translates to:

Could we get the URLs fixed in the emails please? It's getting tiring having to construct the URL each time I want to see a new post (in a subscribed furm) or a new reply (in a subscribed thread).