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Oct 30, 2011
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I noticed something, which is a big issue on a low data amound subscriptions.

When i create an email with an attachment, and send this. Using the native email app (not Gmail) and Aqua mail. The amount of send bytes was double the amound of the email. I'm figuring out how this is possible.
First some info on the mail. The topic was the text "Test". No message text, just an attachment of a jpg image with 3494kB. On sending this email, AquaMail was saying it was sending a total of 4782kB of data.
Looking in the Android Data Usage (Jelly Bean), the AquaMail data send has increased from 64.19MB to 74.45MB. (i have this test done a several times).
(using wifi for the test).

My account is a gmail, IMAP account, setup for using PUSH. Only the inbox folder is synced.
Scheduled mail checking is off
Enable IMAP Push is on.
Save Sent messages is off
Deleting messages is from server immediately
Remove delete message is off
IMAP, Preload is off for wifi items.
EXPUNGE when deleting is on.

See attachment for the debug log. I anonymized the email addresses

So on last try on this, but this time with no push enabled. The same thing.

What could be the case here.
It seems like the message is going through 2 times. But 2 times sending, or 1 time sending, 1 time receiving?

Please tell me how to fix this. At home on wifi, it's no big deal. But outside with no wifi, it is!! I want to make the best of this.


I noticed this, when i was trying to make the email. When i did, and saw the attachment size, i decided not to send it, but just safe it for later on a wifi network.
But then i realised i made with the wrong sender email address, so i opened the mail again, changed the sender and saved it again. Deleted the first saved message.
So no sending at all.
I did noticed the data usage on the phone going off like crazy, and also the sync on the two accounts started...
When i looked at the data usage, i was in shock. It was around 2MB, but now it was 30MB. While i have (next month) a data restriction of 200MB in a month, so 6MB a day. At this point all setting on a account was default. So also syncing drafts ect. I couldn't stop this anymore. No wifi near by.
Luckaly for this month my data restriction is set for 1000MB.

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