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Email to 1 account goes to all.

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Firstly, I don't use my laptop,
I do everything on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.
I have 3 Gmail accounts and 1 hotmail/Outlook account and each is assigned to different areas of my life - social, business, family, shopping.
All incoming emails are somehow copied to to every account, so GN and PayPal etc end up on all accounts.
All apps are regularly updated, I have deleted and reinstalled Gmail and Outlook and turned phone off then on.
Nothing works.
I am a moron when it comes to tech speak, over 70 and female so please, no tech speak replies. Thank you.


Retired Moderator
Feb 12, 2012
Are you sure you aren't looking at All Inboxes? (Tap the 3-line menu at the upper left.) If you set it that way, all your email accounts are shown at one time - but each email is still in the account it belongs in. (And you can choose the account to look in using the drop-down just above that, if you prefer to see them all separately.)

(I don't know about the female part - I've known some female programmers who could make me look like an *****, and I've been developing software for 46 years, but the "over 70" part isn't the equivalent of "I'm too old to learn". I'm 76 and still developing software - and learning things every day. [I think that your heart is linked to "your learning" - when either one stops, so does the other. So keep learning - anything - and stay young.] [I'm only 18 from my chin to my hair.])