Emails disappear when email is refreshed - anyone else? Ideas?


Oct 22, 2013
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My Note 3 email account is conncect to my email account from home (via I can load emails whenever i want to - HOWEVER... if i have any emails in my inbox and i hit refresh - the emails that are in the inbox when i hit the refresh button disappear when the "loading messages" message appears.

Odder still is that if i manually "delete" the emails from my inbox and transfer them to my trash folder, they do not disappear from the trash unless you delete them permanently. So the only way for me to keep my emails if i decide not to read them all instantly, is to send them to the trash.

I've removed the account and reestablished it. I've searched high and low for a setting that might be wonky. My phone is not rooted. I have number of emails to load as total. Spoken to Samsung, who said to remove account and re-establish it. Spoke to Verizon who ... in all honesty, is baffled.

One other odd thing is - when you go in and see how much data is associated with the ap/program - there's 81MB of data associated with the email ap - but no emails IN the email ap - i think they are getting auto stored somewhere but where i don't know and i have no idea how to fix this? and neither do they. If i delete the application data on this ap will i lose all my contacts etc. that are linked to my email? Verizon said that maybe that 81MB of data is the contacts. i have less than 50 contacts total on my phone.

Anybody use a different email program than the pre-loaded email ap? someone suggested K9 or Aqua? Happen to anyone else? Any fixes or suggestions welcome and THANKS!


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