Emergency 911 for lock screen that I won't press accidentally?


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Oct 26, 2011
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Samsung Galaxy S4 from VZ. Not rooted and still bootlocked. Running 4.2 with the update.

At one point when I had to go back to factory settings before the update, I lost the lockscreen I was using and couldn't imagine having to look at any of the others provided by Samsung. So I downloaded a lock screen for the phone so that I could size it, see what kind of file it was, how many pixels etc., and I made my own lockscreen in Photoshop.. All has been working beautifully for a month or more. On the screen I have a widget to an ICE app and at the bottom I have shortcuts to messages, phone and voicemail. I don't lock the phone but simply use swipe.

I'm looking for an app or widget that I could put on the lock screen without its being terribly vulnerable to my accidentally setting it off. I looked through Google Playstore and all the comments either said they didn't work on the newer systems - or, more frequently, people told stories about how they accidentally called 911 emergency - often more than once. This is what I'd like to avoid but I would also like to feel that the phone really can provide immediate help/safety if and when I need it.

Does anyone know of such an app or widget?


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