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Mar 4, 2016
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I recently got an LG Optimus Exceed 2 and started using Snapchat and I'm trying to figured a few things out. First I'm trying to enable emotes and from one website I searched it says 1.Open up the Snapchat app 2.Tap the white square at the bottom left to bring up your list of previously sent/received snaps.3.Now tap the settings gear at the top right, which will bring you to the Snapchat settings page.4.Select “Manage” under “Additional Services” and it will bring up some of the special features.You will want to turn on “special text” but feel free to turn on the rest of the options. I get to the end of 2 and don't see a gear on my friends list can someone tell me what I may be doing wrong. Lastly I'm trying to get screen captures with permission from friends of their Snaps (video,audio,text) and I heard that az screen recorder - no root is good but searching Google Play from my phone I can't find it. If I looking it up in GP on my PC, I find it but when I try to hook via USB my phone to PC and get and error message when I try to install that says "you haven't accessed Google Play Store app on your device with this email address. I have downloaded things to my phone from GPS and only use one email, does anyone have any suggestions? Sincere thanks in advance.:confused:

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