Encrypted phone not asking for PIN on reboot


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Aug 12, 2013
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Droid Razr Maxx was encrypted, as well as the SD card. A failed Android update required a factory reset. After the reset, the SD card was corrupted (obviously). A SD card format later, I attempted to encrypt the phone. It says it worked correctly. Going into the system settings/security & screen lock/screen lock shows only pin/password options available, the others greyed out due to the encryption. Under data encryption, both options are checked.

But, when I turn on the phone from a full off, no password prompt comes up. I am never prompted for my password.

I've tried to unencrypt/encrypt. I've tried switching PIN to passwords and back, trying to get it to catch. No help.

Is the encryption in place and working? How can I confirm? Is there any way to fully encrypt without having to factory reset again (the last time was not convenient).

Android 4.1.2