Encrypting the phone forced factory reset


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Oct 21, 2011
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My work email pushes device encryption. I was setting it up last night (native to the phone, not through an app like Touchdown). It got till about 60% (rebooting the phone a few times along the way). At 60% it shut off, and when it came back up, it told me the storage was corrupted and had done a factory reset. It wasn't a complete phone wipe (ie it was still activated) but it was like I'd never used the phone before. All my data/settings/etc... were gone.

Once I was through setting it up again, it reformatted the storage, which so far as I can tell looks fine now, but I won't be trying to encryption again.

Warning to anyone who's trying to encrypt, back up your data first!

I called Sprint support about it and some wifi trouble I was having. He said it's the first he's heard of the issue, and ran me through doing a complete phone wipe (via the keypad). The complete wipe totally resets the phone, so it goes through re-activation, etc... on first bootup.

For now I'm using Moxier mail to access my work email, and it's working just fine and doesn't trigger full-device encryption.

Otherwise, loving the new phone. Muuuuch better than my old Shift. Any for anyone concerned about the size, it's huge to be sure, but also very slim and feels good in my (relatively large) hands. I think the extra real estate's worth the fashion sacrifice of having a surfboard strapped to your hip.

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