Endless Email Loop


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Jan 2, 2011
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I don?t know if this an ISP, a Sprint, A Google or another Me problem, but maybe one of you does:

I got my ISP connected to my Optimus so I would get its email on my phone. At the same time, my ISP was converting its email system to Google/IMAP. So, assuming that my Outlook Express Local Folders were passe, I moved my email to new IMAP folders. I?d been collecting emails over the years for no particular reason and have over a thousand of them.

One day, checking my ISP email on my Optimus, it decided to download all of the thousand old emails. So as they came in I deleted them, then deleted the trash. Next day it started over with the same things.

So I moved those emails off Outlook Express and onto Explorer folders on my C: drive, out of the loop, I hope. There are currently zero emails on OE?s Local Folders or the IMAP folders. But that old email keeps downloading onto my Optimus!

I?ve even tried removing my ISP account of my Optimus then adding it like a new account, hoping that it would notice that my IMAP folders are now empty. Nope, it?s still at it, downloading the same thousand old emails over and over and over and...

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