Epic 4G Calendar& Calendar Ringtones


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Jun 30, 2011
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Not as tech saavy probably many of you are so when you read my stuff, if it's simple to you please consider that I'm a neophyte.

Two things(.....I think):

I have a few different email addresses (you'll never make me tell exactly how many. LOL) most of which are for my small business. These email accounts all have the same domain (again, for my business), but are set up thru Google so they are compatible with my phone. That being said:

1. I noticed that there is "My Calendar" on the Epic which "are calendar entries that are stored locally on the device and not part of an email account". So if I set up an event this way, even though it allows me to add recipients suffice to say, they shouldn't hold their breath waiting on it to arrive. Personally, I think "My Calendar is pointless, but whatever...

2. I wanted to assign a ringtone I downloaded to ring for all my events (or at least for the Google account I set as default), however every time I set the one I want it goes back to "My Calendar". In other words if I set my Google account emails as default ringtone will be "silent", but if I want to HEAR the alert, I won't be able to include other people because there's no account able to be assigned to "My Calendar".