epic 4g soft bricked


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Jun 18, 2012
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I just flashed the cyanogen mod and I saw I lost all my apps when I wiped my cache my data and the dilvec cache using clockwork mod do so I went back to clockwork and restored all 3 and it was soft bricked and I now how to unbrick it but I can't since the only way I could get on the internet was from my hotspot but my phone is bricked what should I do and I can't get on clockwork either and I posted this off of my moms phone
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Mar 25, 2011
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You should read before you go changing anything for starters. You can't restore a BML backup on MTD. The only way to recover is to use odin to flash the stock image with the pit file and repartition checked. If you don't already have these things you will need internet somehow and download them. When you move to Cm9 for the first time start fresh. Do not restore anything. And again, read up on and make sure you actually "understand" everything about what you're doing "before" you do it.

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