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EPIC behaving strangely?


New member
Dec 21, 2010
Hi all,

I'm a new member of the forum, a new Epic owner, and a new member of the Android community, to boot. Thank you everyone for the informative posts/contributions -- it's really helped me to get up to speed on the OS and device.

My Epic is behaving rather strangely, however. The music player occasionally crashes whenever I play music, forcing me to restart the song. I haven't noticed any specific pattern to the crashing -- it just doesn't seem to want to work. It'll play for a few seconds, then stop. After restarting the song numerous times, things run smoothly for a bit.

I've restarted the phone, pulled the battery, etc., but haven't been able to stop this from periodically happening.

Is this a bug or something endemic to the Epic and/or Android platform or is this a sign that I should replace the device with a new one? I admit that my last phones have all been iPhones (dirty word, I know) and I've never had probs with the music/itunes before, so being forced to restart over and over again is definitely something new.


PS I should also add that this behavior happens regardless of the app used to play music. This happens using the stock android player, double twist, poweramp, and winamp.