Erased SD card, now unable to re-mount


Mar 27, 2011
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I'm getting ready to sell my Thunderbolt and wanted to clean the SD card of all data.

I backed up all data first. Then went into Settings, Storage and the last option at the bottom, "Erase SD card."

After SD card was erased I have been unable to mount it again from inside the settings and also from within TWRP recovery.

The message that keeps showing up in the notification area is:

"SD Card Safe To Remove"

I have not been able to get rid of this message.

So far, I have rebooted into TWRP recovery, but am unable to mount the SD card from there.
I wiped cache, dalvik and tried a factory reset, still no good.

I removed the SD card, booted the phone without it. Then shut off the phone re-inserted the SD card and booted up again.

Still getting the message above.

Any ideas what I can do to get this working?