Eraser Magic. Check your Photos for 6.85.


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May 31, 2021
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I now have these magic editing features in Photos.
I have a 2020 Xiaomi model with good specs.

I'm curious which brands if any do not incorporate the new Google Photos features as per the article below,; or if it just will not work with lower spec models.

I also recently discovered some cool new functions on my device's (Xiaomi) Gallery app, which now includes some additional editing features or options of it's own.
Best one so far is when editing a screenshot (only, afaik) there's a square magnifying window which follows your finger around as you rub over text, as an example.

My problem is I was always "meh" about photography and couldn't bother comparing camera results in reviews, or to try and understand the terminology. That being said, my 4 year old phone takes amazing photos.

Have fun, if that's your bag! 😊

To the Mods : I hope you don't mind my sneaking in to this older Google Photos area. The door was unlocked.
Could do with a good dusting BTW.
Just sayin' ... 😳😁



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