Eris, ActiveSync Exchange + Zimbra not working


Dec 27, 2009
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Has anyone else run into this? I have set up ActiveSync to sync with our work mail (Zimbra) and I can sync contacts/calendar. I can also *receive* e-mail, but I *can't* send e-mail, it all accumulates in a folder named 'Out'.

Exactly as described in this bug report below, which indicates that this won't be fixed?

Description: Opened: 2009-09-19 08:17

The HTC Hero comes with ActiveSync which works well with Zimbra, except that
sending emails fails. Composed emails just gets stuck in the "Out" folder on
the phone.

Bug 41145 – Support for HTC Hero (Running Android OS with ActiveSync support)

If so, it looks like I will definitely return the Eris, as much as I like its design and wait for another Verizon phone (other than the Droid) to come out that doesn't have this problem, unless someone here knows of a fix.


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Jan 10, 2010
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other options..

I have found two apps that solve the problem one roadsync for 10 bucks at the market or touchdown for 20 bucks. I went with touchdown because I liked the interface better as well as some other things related to tasks and appointment scheduling. You can try each for free b4 you buy. I kind of wish I would have saved the 10 bucks and just got roadsync as I read the features that touchdown has roadsync will soon be getting. However, this problem is supposed to be addressed in Android 2.0 when that update comes out....
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