Eris not ringing?


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Jan 18, 2010
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So, I've had my Eris for a couple of weeks, and I like the phone a lot, but I'm having some problems.

The best example of this was last night. My fiance was trying to call me from the airport. The first two tries, my phone never rang. It showed that I had missed two calls, but no ring at all. The third time it finally rang and I got the call.

Anyone else ever hear of any issues like this? Is this an Android thing or an Eris thing? I love the Eris, but if things like this are going to happen, maybe I need to go to the Droid?


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Jan 2, 2010
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My wife's Eris is kinda doing the same thing when I call her on my Droid. Sometimes it shows up as a missed call, other times I hear it ring 4 times then it goes to VM, other times it works.
I read somewhere, that other Eris users are getting the same thing. I am hoping that the sense UI is not bogging down the phone where it can not answer a call, like it did with HTC Touch Pro


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Dec 4, 2009
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you can try to change the slot cycle. it has to do with how often your phone checks the cell towers or something. lower number means more battery drain. I believe default is set to 2. You might try setting it to 1 or 0 to see if that helps.

Call: ##778
password: 000000

Use "edit mode"

Modem Settings --> Slot Cycle--> set to 1 or 0

Make sure you press the menu in order to save your changes.