Error during copying - Urgent help


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Aug 14, 2018
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I need urgent help. My friend told me to transfer his pictures from mobile phone CAT S41 (android) to his SD card. I connected mobile phone to PC and in internal card (DCIM->Camera) I marked all files and used option cut. Then I put option paste on his sd card. After few seconds of copying, copying just stopped (some windows sound was heard) and when I looked is storoge space on internal card there were no pictures. In SD card there is just small ammount of pictures copied. Seems like all pictures was deleted!!!!??? I tryed with program Dr. Fone but when he analyse device, progress bar is very slow and mobile phone is restarting every 2 minutes. What else could I tryed to restore this data?


Feb 23, 2011
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You may have to work with a shop that specializes in data recovery, but understand that it may be too late. In the mean time, try not to use the phone. Any use risks any salvageable data being written over.

For future reference, you should always use the copy function, not the cut function just for this reason. (Side note, you were not copying files to the card, you we pasting.) Using the cut function is like literally cutting an image from a physical photo album. At that point, the photo no longer exists in the original location and is just in your hands. If something happens along the way (I.e. the wind blows them out of your hands) or something happens while waiting for the glue to dry during the pasting into the new album (I.e. A drink is spilled on it), then your photos are gone for good.

Using the copy function leaves the original file intact. That way, if something gets corrupted during the transfer process, the original file is still available to try again.


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Feb 12, 2012
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It's also very expensive to recover files from a cellphone.

And you were Moving, not Copying and Pasting - NEVER do that over a connection between computers (even from one drive to another on the same computer is risky - on the same drive, the file itself never gets moved, only its entry in the directories of the folders get changes). Always copy the originals, then paste to the destination. If the paste goes bad, you still have the originals.

What happened was that the move read a lot of files into RAM, then deleted them, then started sending them to the PC. The USB chip got hot (USB isn't meant for massive file transfers) and shut down ... and the files were already deleted.