Eventas on Samsung calendar disappear after synching Google Calendars


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Oct 16, 2016
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I have a Galaxy S5. I entered dozens of dates on the default Samsung calendar (not a Google calendar, because the Samsung calendar is the only one that lets me color code the entries). I was wondering if they would transfer to my Google calendar on my laptop. So I synched the Google calendar, and every event from the Samsung calendar has disappeared. They are not on the Google calendar, either. Anyone knkw why this happened? I haave searched these forums but have not foumd a question that is exactly the same as mine.


ETA: I do not have the Google calendar set to synch automatically, so this synch was the first one ever done. And I have checked every available box listed on the page that shows all the calendars. Nothing.
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Mar 9, 2012
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What's important here is which account you entered those events to. When you say you entered the events into the default Samsung calendar, do you mean the local Phone account calendar, or the Samsung account calendar?

You can get a better idea of what calendar accounts are available by entering a new event, then looking for an option in the event entry screen that allows you to choose which calendar account it gets saved to.

As an aside, I always caution people from entering events to the local Phone account calendar only, because this calendar doesn't sync anywhere automatically -- you have to manually back up the info yourself. This puts you at risk for losing important data if something happens to the phone. Events saved to your Google account calendar will sync automatically to your Google Calendar in the cloud, thus protecting you from unexpected data loss. The Samsung account calendar is ok, because it backs up to your Samsung account in the cloud -- but you can't access it everywhere like your Google Calendar.

Also, the Google Calendar app allows you to color-code events. You can set a default color for all events in a given calendar, but within that calendar, you can edit an event and change the color for just that event.

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