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Jul 20, 2010
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Tried it and put it up against NOVA. A good start, but a ways off from NOVA customizations. Below are the things I like about NOVA and kept me with NOVA.

Scrolling dock

Scroll effects

Adjust speed scrolling

More gesture options

Infinite page scrolling

App drawer memory

Folder customization

Screen lock long press to avoid accidental changes

Infinite dock scrolling

Double tap screen off does not require password when unlocking screen

Change animations opening/closing folders, app drawer.. Ect

Evie launcher seems to work good, no lag the short time I used it. I want to be able to swipe down anywhere on the screen to drop the notification window instead of reaching to top of screen, Evie it appears only thing that does is open the search option, would be nice to have options, turn the search off, he able to assign other options to swipe down. I swipe up to open settings. So the gestures needs to be open to user choices as everyone uses their phones different. I am torn on the folder differences. I like Evie how it does it, blurring background, but not sure if I would prefer that over the smaller box opening and the customization options.

End result, as long as the lag stays away, Evie is a good basic launcher. It would probably be my second choice, I like customization options, eye candy so don't let my review scare anyone off, I think this is a good launcher. I would suggest customization choices, nothing ever wrong with giving choices and let the user decide to use it or not. The double tap screen lock needs to be worked on, if you use that with Evie you have to enter your password when unlocking the phone, not so with NOVA. And infinite screen page scrolling needs to be an option. Those are 2 areas Evie developers should change. I'm just giving Evie user suggestions, again this launcher seems like a good basic launcher and it seems they are reading this post so I am just giving them ideas. Good start


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Apr 1, 2014
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Yeah I noticed it's not a battery hog too.

Agreed. I think being the new kid on the block they are off to a great start, and the latest update improved all the things I was hoping. I'll be following this one as they have a fan. Even if I move back and forth between Nova, I'll still follow them.

Also keep in mind their is no 'prime' version yet.


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Mar 21, 2017
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Good afternoon, I'm looking for someone who can help me. On my Moto G 4 Plus device this app does not work. I installed and uninstalled but nothing works. I have already sent the Bug reports to the emails: savi@evie.com and hello@evie.com with no feedback. Thanks in advance for your help. thanksScreenshot_20170321-125812.jpgScreenshot_20170321-123345.jpg