Evo Lens Protector - Protects the camera lens w/out a case


Oct 24, 2010
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The Lens Protector from Cell Innovations is the best product for protecting the Evo. The camera Lens gets easily scratched, the Evo is nearly too large (a case pushes it over the edge), and the Evo really doesn't need to be protected by a case (see my drop test video below).

Here's a link to the product page on Amazon.com.

Amazon.com: Cell Phone Camera Lens Protector (2 PER Box, Protects the Exposed Camera Lens From Scratches and Damage for the HTC Sprint Evo and Verizon Droid Incredible Without the Need for a Bulky Case). Easy Installation and Allows the Back Cover to

I also conducted a drop test of the Evo. I dropped it 6 times at 48". Here's the YouTube video showing the Lens Protector product but it also includes the results of my test:

YouTube - HTC Evo Dropped SIX Times with no case. UNBELIEVABLE !!!