Evo Updates?


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Dec 1, 2010
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are their any evo updates in the works of somekind. i know about gingerbread but there still no official date for that.

I have had evo for a long time and only update that i can remember that comes to mind was the swype etc update.
which isn't really much of an update since the swype sucks. the android market looks cooler though.

Just seems like the evo will never change and thats a real turn off. There has to be new stuff happening to keep up with other phones. at one point i felt i had the best phone out their ( including the IBroke) and now i feel like i dont even have the best android anymore lol

really i wanna know if anyone else feels like i do or knows of stuff that i dont about the Evo.

Have a nice day!


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Feb 12, 2011
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First to answer your question: No. It likely wont be getting any major OS updates. No one can say that for sure because HTC isn't talking about it but the consensus on the forums here seems to be that it won't be getting Gingerbread. Guess only time will truly tell.

Second, you should try to understand that you will not ever have the best android out there for long unless you plan on upgrading every 2 months at least. Our EVOS are nice but have long since been surpased in some ways by other phones, and in every way by several phones that are expected to come out in the new 2-3 months(including possibly an Evo 2). If you want further OS updates I suggest Rooting the phone and flashing a custom ROM such as CyanogenMod 7 which I have been running for weeks and which is the 2.3 Gingerbread OS.


Jan 12, 2011
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As far I know, there is nothing to suggest the EVO won't be getting Gingerbread or any other updates. Aside from the Nexus-series phones, no other phones have either...let's just hold on tight a bit longer and we'll see soon enough.


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Jun 8, 2010
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Until we get to the point of carrier independent phones you'll always just have to ask yourself "Do I have the best phone on my carrier?".

IMHO I believe that answer is still yes for the EVO. But others would argue it is the Epic or EVO Shift, they each have their own pros and cons.

BTW, I love Swype ... I swyped this whole message in with only two words not caught on the first swype.


Feb 21, 2011
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the evo was and still is ahead of its time some carriers only now are catching up i.e. thunderbolt, G2, to name a few...the shifts biggest comparison of course physical KB. epic is alright i have a couple buddies with epics and galaxy s, indoor reception sucks! we would stream youtube HD side by side and they would get stuck. i let my Iphone 4 buddies tether off my 4g so they can stream utube Hd flicks also..lol!

untill one of these badboys come out...or a dual core processor. evo still tops to me, it could still hang for a bit because of the custom roms that you can play with. some devs are porting honeycomb EVO one of the only phones capable of running a tablet OS.. IMHO;)

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