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Jul 7, 2013
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I'm in the process of taking over ownership of my phone number again (I won't bore with the details as to why) and am going to make the jump to Fi (BTW, pronounced FEE if you didn't know). I got my invite, signed up to get my SIM (including the holiday gift BTW) and then had questions about the process of porting my number.

I called the support number (1-844-Talk2Fi) and the call was answered by someone in the US that was eager to help. He wasn't sure of the answer so he went to ask about it, then came back quickly with the info I needed. Once that business was complete, he asked if I was switching devices and was going to point me to an Android page about that process (have a 6P already), then he asked about what device I had before. We got talking about some of the features of Android and I even guided him to some of the privacy pages within the My Account section where you can manage your voice search history. Had I not been at work we probably would have chatted for another 20 minutes.

Overall, a very refreshing experience, and one that makes me excited to get rolling on the Fi train. My port process will be convoluted as I need to take my number to a personal plan from the business account then port over to Fi but I have the process, just need to execute. Fi can port directly but it would require giving someone at my company access to my personal Gmail account so they can enter the account info for the port, that is NOT happening.


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Nov 7, 2012
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They were very friendly to me when I called about a Sprint issue, but they weren't able to solve the problem, they just had me run through the basic troubleshooting steps I already tried.

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