Exchange RSS Feeds auto-sync to the Droid? Yep!


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Nov 18, 2009
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I found something cool today and wanted to share it... I use my Outlook 2007 client as an RSS reader in addition to my work email, etc. As such there is an RSS folder in the root of the Inbox. My many feeds come in there and I have always wanted to sync this with mobile reader, to no avail.

I just got the droid yesterday and set up my exchange client. All is working great (although I wish I could manually fix up some of the GMAIL/FACEBOOK/Corportate Email contact issues) and I was playing with the Email client and clicked on the folders button. Imagine my surprise when I saw all my RSS folders there!

Now i can read my RSS feeds on my phone and have it sync back to my client. When I delete the item on my droid it marks them read on my client. I am still waiting to see if it deletes them too.

The only issue is I seem to need to manually refresh these folders. Any ideas on that front?

I thought this was so cool I had to share it.

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