Explaining the Frustration (Echo Disapointment, Evo Envy & More)


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Apr 19, 2010
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I can understand and share in the frustration with Sprint right now. I think there are many factors causing a bigger problem with their customers right now.

For starters? the Echo is not my cup of tea. Say what you want, but it does look more like a cheap Chinese knock-off of a Nintendo DS than a cell phone. The specs are not only a bit under whelming, but some of them are just head-scratching, such as the typical ?average? size battery being used in a device with two screens? and the only quiet acknowledgement that this thing is indeed going to be a power-hungry vampire is the inclusion of a second spare battery. (Like I want to carry that around with me daily? )

In any case, Sprint did hype the announcement factor by having this as a separate special VIP style event and got everyone?s hopes up. Sure, the Blogs of the world aided in this, but only because they too figured that this must be something big, as we all did, because Sprint could have just announced the Echo at CES last month instead as they did with the Evo Shift.

And therein lies the second big issue? since Evo Shift was just kind of thrown out there at the start of CES, with no big hype, private event, or magic tricks, Sprint themselves set the bar for what the Feb. 7th announcement was going to be.

The Evo Shift, while it looks like a really great phone itself, was also a disappointment to many of the Sprint customers due to the lack of a FFC and a few other specs. Myself, I think the Shift may have been better off dropping the 4G to become a ?Hero 2?.

Which is where we come to issue #3? the Hero factor. While the EVO is loved, it is less than a year old. I think the big issue is coming from the Hero crowd on Sprint, which I believe launched back in Sept/Oct 2009, and announced several months earlier for pre-orders. The window of opportunity for the best upgrade offers to those customers is now? 12 months for the VIPs and almost here for the 22 month level. Those are the people gnashing their teeth for Sprint to release something better after seeing the EVO come out less than a year later. However, with the EVO came the $10 ?EVO Tax? which soon spread to the Epic. Many did not want to pay for 4G if they would not be able to use it? fair enough?

They then had had to sit through announcement after announcement for phones deemed to be sub-par to their original Hero since then: the Intercept, Transform, Optimus S and the Zio? and now the Echo. Meanwhile these same users, unable to unwilling to jump ship due to contracts, have watched other carriers offers a good number of phones that would have perfectly fit the bill. The HTC Incredible to many would have been a perfect follow-up to the Hero on Sprint, after all Verizon replaced the Hero?s twin, the Droid Eris with the Droid Inc. Why didn?t Sprint?

Now with the 4G tax spread across the board to all smartphones on Sprint, everyone has accepted that and moved on? and are now ready for a top tier phone like the EVO or Epic. But the EVO is 8 months old? surely an EVO2 must be on the way. The Epic is also grand, but Samsung has not held up their end of things as far as updates and have made it clear that Galaxy S2 phones are one the way as well, being the Epic will be old news before you know it. So now we come to issue #4. EVO Envy.

Most comments bring up the EVO, saying that the Shift and Echo announcements are a let down from the EVO. Yes, the EVO is loved. So much so that most of the carriers in the US went out and asked HTC to design them a their own new and improved versions of the EVO. Last month Verizon announced the Thunderbolt, AT&T showed off the Inspire at CES as well. Dual Cores and rumors of 3D displays from LG were also hyped as on the way in 2011?

Sprint was cryptically silent?

So when the announcement of a special event on Feb 7th was made, with a big name illusionist and all, following in the shoes of Verizon?s announcement about adding the iPhone, of course the world assumed Sprint would show off a mind-blowing new phone? or two? or even half a dozen to look forward to over the next 3-6 months. It was like it was going to be their own big CES style announcement platform? only all we got was the Echo, a phone that looks like more of a toy than a phone, from a company that doesn?t have a best reputation. Simply put? they disappointed at a time when the big assumption was that they were going to announce something like the Optimus 3D with dual cores and 4G. (Why else would David Blane have been there? Really? What else did Sprint think people were expecting?)

So now we all sit? and wait? and wonder? what is next?

Meanwhile, Issue #5 is looming large in the near future. For many Sprint customers their big $150 rebate offer from Sprint is on the verge of vanishing on April 1st when the Premier VIP lines are redrawn? and at this point we all know that nothing good is going to come between now and then. No 3D fun, no Dual Core goodness, and no Evo 2.

So like a frustrated teen at the school dance, you find out that you waited too long to ask the girl across the hall to dance, and now she?s gone off with someone else, leaving you to settle and pick from the less desirable leftovers or just leave the dance entirely unsatisfied.

I share the pain myself? as I find myself in the same boat.

My wife wants an EVO SHIFT, and I?m happy to oblige her with it. It would be a great first Android phone for her. I?m still rockin? the Hero myself? and while I was hoping for an EVO2 to make it my way sooner than later, or even an Optimus 2X or 3D, I now find myself trying to choose between the the EVO and the EVO Shift. (I?ll pass on the Epic I think?) Or I can simply opt to wait for my 22 month benefit to roll back around near the end of the year.


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May 18, 2010
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I'm not sure what the point of this thread is, but if you're eligible for an upgrade now you should be eligible this summer when more phones will be released. The new eligibility rules won't go into effect until you upgrade.

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Jan 20, 2011
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I was under the impression that if you are eligible for an upgrade now as a premiere member, you would then lose it after 4/1 unless you jump to gold status....


Dec 13, 2008
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I just hit the 12 month upgrade point and was looking at my options. I saw the Premier Club change & was concerned about the April 1st date & what would happen to my credit for upgrade. I called Sprint & asked specifically about what happens to the credit come April 1st. I was told that it would still be available after April 1st. Admittedly it was a Sprint customer service rep and I don't have a huge amount of faith in anything any CSR says (no matter what company). I figure I'll wait until after Mobile World Congress next week and possibly CTIA in the latter part of March to see if there is anything announced that will replace the Evo, if not I'll upgrade to an Evo just to be safe. If there is something better announced then I'll have to decide if I trust Sprint


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Jun 8, 2010
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I was told that it would still be available after April 1st.

Be advised this is incorrect information. The only way your upgrade will be available on April 1st, 2011 is if you are considered Sprint Premier Gold, or the last time you upgraded your phone was prior to July 1st, 2009.

Why June of 2009? Because if you do not use your upgrade prior to April 1st, 2011 your upgrade date will revert back to what it was previously (without the annual upgrades).

I think Sprint has been very clear on this, however, don't take my word for it, I would get it in writing from Sprint that you will qualify for your upgrade after April 1st. If you do not have it in writing, I would not consider it good information.

And interestingly enough, Sprint does read over all responses handed out by their agents. I asked a question and was given a response. Two days later I received an email from a supervisor clarifying the other agent's previous email and even went so far as to call me to make sure that I understood the clarification. Awesome customer service!


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Jun 1, 2010
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Yeah where TF is HTC and Sprint??

I totally agree, it is getting frustrating. I've been holding off for a while now because the EVO is getting too old (and is still pricey). The rest of the world is selling dual-core (or has announced them). Even if HTC/Sprint announce a good EVO replacement (dual-core, 4G, A2.3) this week, it might come to stores after the April 1st deadline!

Just frustrating!! :mad:


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May 13, 2010
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It is very unlikely that Sprint will announce anything at MWC. The reality of the situation is that Verizon and ATT are the big dogs and they get first dibs all the top phones from the top manufacturers(still not sure how Sprint lucked out and got the Evo). As a result, Sprint must space out their announcements (although I could have done without the Echo monstrosity) and probably will not announce anything till CTIA in March like they did last year. On the bright side, there are SO many phones being released this year that by default, we will get some good phones in addition to the Evo 2.


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Jun 9, 2010
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I doubt that you are gonna get an improvement on the EVO in your hands before your April deadline, just not enough time. I'm hoping for an EVO 2, but as mentioned above, I suspect it will be announced roughly a month from now, and in the stores sometime in June (about the anniversary date of the original EVO announcement). Which unfortunately leaves you in the cold....

I'd either plan on waiting till after mid-year when upgrade becomes available again, or get your best shot (presumably an EVO?) now. And things are moving so fast, my advice would be to gut it out and wait. Two years is a long time to keep a phone, so you want to start out with the best you can get!

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