Exporting Contacts from S22 for Cleanup to import back into S22


Feb 2, 2012
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Hi. I still haven't been able to find a simple answer to this. I accidentally imported my company's entire Exchange database on my phone. And I've also added new contacts on my phone that didn't sync with my Exchange Account. I would like to :

  1. Export allmy phone contacts to my PC in CSV or XLS format.
  2. Delete all contacts from my phone.
  3. Delete unwanted contacts from the CSV or XLS file.
  4. Import the CSV or XLS file back into my phone contacts.
I do have a Samsung Cloud Account, but it didn't export in a file format Excel can open. Thank you.


Jul 14, 2011
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If you do the above, all contacts will be stored locally on your phone. There may be a quicker/more simple way of doing this.
1) If the contacts you have were from Exchange, you can easily 'nuke' those from your phone by just removing the Exchange account from the phone. Once you re-add the account, you can opt not to sync contacts anymore (you should still be able to use the cloud 'sync/search' for Exchange while sending an e-mail, for instance).
2) You mentioned you added new contacts that didn't sync with Exchange. That's because when you create a contact, you need to specify WHERE it will be saved (and this can be your Samsung account, your Google account, your phone locally, your Exchange account, etc.). You can always check where a contact is being saved to by opening it and taping 'Storage locations'.
3) If you want any contact cross-synced to other services, you can always open the Contacts app, tap the three bar menu button on the left, tap Manage contacts, and use the option you want there (either to export, import, merge, move, or sync).
4) You can always check which contacts are really in an account by hiding/showing specific ones. Just open the Contacts app, tap the three bar menu button, tap the account that's showing (or the All contacts option if that's selected), and you'll see how many contacts you have per account/location and which ones to show/hide from view.

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