Extended parition changing from FAT32 to ext3 on restore?


Jun 6, 2011
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This isn't a "I have a problem" question, but a curiosity.

I was running Harmonia 1.5. I had my 2nd SD card partition formatted as FAT32. I made a backup through ClockworkMod

Then I flashed BACKside, gapps, and GreenMachine to check that out. After that was up and running, I made a backup of that in CWM.

Then I restored the Harmonia backup I had just made. Now, my extended partition is still there, but it's now ext3. Again, not a problem, I'm just curious...

At what point does my my extended partition get wiped and formatted? Does the backup I made in CWM, upon restoring, actually wipe and format the extended partition to ext3, then restore it's contents? I'm assuming at this point that CWM DOES in fact backup the extended partition too? I wasn't sure it did this, in fact, I had thought the opposite.

I'm just confused. Because upon restoring Harmonia from my backup, Link2SD never complained or mentioned that the filesystem had changed on the extended partition. It just continued to work.