Extreme dissatisfaction with LG wireless products. I will be staying away.


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Nov 29, 2016
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This is not a question. I just need to find a forum to vent a little and hopefully this will persuade others in my exact position to NOT do as I did. This could be just a one in a million case, a fluke, but I find it highly unlikely. I purchased an LG G3 in early 2015 leaving behind my 2 year old Iphone 4 (against my better judgement). I heard great things about it. I researched and read great things about it. I thought it'd be a great phone, and for 13 months it was a great phone. After 13 months of mild use and great care (my phones are always in cases, have screen protectors on them, and never see water), the phone became sluggish and would heat up constantly draining the battery very quickly. I did a factory reset on the phone and absolutely nothing changed. One day, the phone started crashing and the screen would suddenly go black while the rest of the phone stayed on. I called LG for help, they did not offer any help because I was out of the 12 month warranty period. I had to file an insurance claim through AT&T. AT&T was extremely helpful and sent me a replacement. The replacement was an LG G4, the successor to the G3. This second phone began crashing and restarting 5 minutes after being taken out of the box. I then called AT&T who sent me a second G4 device. This phone worked fine out of the box and I had it for a while; 9 months to be exact. After 9 months of, again, mild used and great care, this phone would freeze, crash and do it all over again. I tried a factory reset, but during the reset, this phone got stuck in a reset loop. At this point I was very upset and contacted AT&T. AT&T agreed to replace the phone with the exact same type, but my issue was not with AT&T since they had been extremely helpful throughout the entire thing, my issue was with LG. I contacted LG and expressed my dissatisfaction with their wireless devices, and it was like talking to a wall. Absolutely no help was provided other than me sending the phone in, having it checked, then fixing it at who's expense was not discussed. LG even suggested I just file a claim and get another phone from AT&T, passing on the blame for their product onto someone else. I spoke to a supervisor and absolutely nothing was done for me. I did not want an exact replacement, since I had 3 failures in less than 2 years. I expressed my need to get a different replacement phone for which I had no problem paying the difference. I just did not want the same phone since it has obvious major design flaws. Again, LG did not offer a solution for any of my issues. I was stuck getting another replacement G4, this would make it my third G4 phone and my fourth "G series" phone in less than two years. Now for the fun part, when I made the switch from my two year old Iphone 4 to the new LG G3, I gave my Iphone to my mom. My mom to this day still uses that Iphone 4 and has had absolutely no issue with it. That phone has now seen 2 years of use with me, and 2 years of use with her. I am extremely dissatisfied with LG's wireless devices. I will likely never again purchase an LG phone. I provided a "voice of the customer" survey to LG so that my issued could at least be documented and I never once heard from the again. Again, I will likely never buy a phone from LG again, and I urge anyone looking at LG to consider other options.

Thank you all for your time!


Jul 14, 2011
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While I, too, don't like LG phones, those I've used briefly (no more than 3 months, G4, V10, V20) have been quite speedy and lag-free. That being said, except for the V20, my experience with LG has been with unlocked devices, so your issue MIGHT be AT&T-related, after all! Unfortunately for non-Nexus and non-iDevices, carriers still modify the software and more often than not, they break things. Not justifying it, just trying to shed some light on why your issues might have happened. My boyfriend was still rocking a VERY old LG Nexus up until last week (when I finally convinced him to get an S7 in T-Mobile's black friday promos), and that was still very speedy and responsive. He only wanted to change it because the battery wasn't lasting too long after all these years and my pictures made his look like crap.


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Feb 1, 2012
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It's unfortunate they upgraded you to two G4 bootloop affected devices, plus the third. That's ultimately why I don't have mine, because I felt like my second G4 was a ticking time bomb. With a 1/5 failure rate, I honestly don't know why they didn't recall them. My refurb replacement has heat\microphone issues. I paid my G4 off and traded it on an S7 with the special.
I honestly think people are better off buying half the phone you can afford, skipping insurance, using the warranty or buying a value replacement, when the time comes (There are people with defective apple products, too).
Your LG story sounds like my HTC \ Motorola story, which I honestly think reflects more on insurance replace refurbs utter lack of quality due to being returned lemons, than it does on phones in general. Although, HTC has improved since their thunderbolt days. I still have the last motorola, which was very good, but I'm not on Verizon, an
Not entirely an LG problem alone. Fact is, if the tech is super new, it is often not tested enough. On top of that, they flat out don't make phones to last more than 24 months (or I guess 12 months, given that's the warranty for most). Even best case scenario, you're battery is going to get worse over time.

There are a lot of things I did like about the LG G4, but without reliability and a microphone, what's the point?


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Jun 10, 2014
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I have to say that my own experience of LG phones - four, including the G3 and G4, none of them carrier-locked - is that they are of very high quality and reliability.


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Dec 4, 2012
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It is difficult to pinpoint what happened. One of the replacement devices was obviously bad out of the box....that falls on poor QA testing from someone (I'd guess the insurance company?)

It's sad that you have had a not so stellar experience. LG should have made a better attempt at resolving the situation.