Facebook Live Video "save" button disappears to edge of screen - what to do?

Mark Warburton

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Aug 17, 2018
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Hi guys! I recently switched from iPhone to a Galaxy s9 Plus. When I stream a video on Facebook Live in landscape orientation, after i end the video the "save" "delete" and "share" buttons shift down below the display so you can barely see them on the edge of the screen, so I cant press any of the buttons. I want to save the streams to my device in their best quality and this is making it impossible. How can I fix this?


Jul 14, 2011
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Did you set the FB app to be 'full screen'? Since the S9 has a 'weird' aspect ration, doing this might bork some of the graphic elements of the app (which the app does tell you after setting it to run 'full screen'). If this is the case, you can go to the Display Section of your Settings, find the 'Full Screen' option and just turn it off for FB