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Facebook Messenger chat heads disappear

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Recently updated to Oreo on a T-Mobile S8.

Upon opening a chat head (going to Messenger, long press on conversation, open chat head), everything works as intended.

If I close all open apps (including Messenger), lock the screen and then unlock, the chat head is no longer there. Oddly, I still have a notification that a chat head is active but I can't get it back unless I repeat opening Messenger and opening manually.

My wife also has the latest Oreo update from T-Mobile, but her chat heads are working as intended. I can repeat the steps above but the chat heads stay active and on the home screen.

Besides a factory reset, I've tried resetting all settings and permissions, re-installed Facebook and Messenger, "Apps that can appear on top" is on, background processes are set to the standard limit.

I don't get it. What can I do?


New member
Jun 8, 2017
same is happening here. and every now and then they will finally open but it won't let me deal the chat head off the side of the screen so I can drag it to the x