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Facebook "near" location stopped working on Note 4


AC Question

The "near' location feature on facebook status updates has stopped working on my Note 4. I did a factory reset and that fixed it temporarily. There is a button for "camera roll" that was not visible in the status updates while location was working, but the camera roll button reappeared on its own, and at that point the "near' location feature stopped working. All of my location features are enabled. Any ideas? This also was happening on my Note 3 before I upgraded.


New member
Jul 12, 2015
Need help in the same problem. Samsung Galaxy S4 and the "near" location stopped working, so can only add location manually, which then always shows a map in the post. Quite annoying. Someone offered as a solution to remove all active sessions (as there can be many from tablet, computer etc.) but this did not help. GPS in itself is working fine, when checking in the location is correct.