Facebook photos are showing as landscape instead of portrait?


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Facebook photos are showing as landscape instead of portrait

I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 mini and use it lots for Facebook. All was fine until last week when, suddenly, each time I have tried to post a portrait photo, when I press "done", the photo (a) becomes landscape and (b) rotates 90 degrees. I can't then format it. This is such a nuisance! Help much appreciated!


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Jan 26, 2013
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Re: Facebook photos are showing as landscape instead of portrait

Wow, you mean to tell me this is still going on!?

What's happening is that phone cameras are situated at 0 degrees in "landscape" mode. This means that when you take a photo in "portrait" mode, the exif data for the photo indicates that it's rotated by 90 degrees. Facebook, and some other sites, read the exif data and interprets that the photo is 90 degrees rotated and displays it as such. Facebook doesn't know it's a portrait shot as it just sees 90 degrees rotation... so... it mucks up your photo post!

This has been going on for some time now and I'm surprised they haven't permanently fixed it. Maybe a FB update messed it up again since you say it was fine last week. I don't use FB, but I know of the problem. Back when it first showed up, people were having to "slightly" crop their portrait photos (just a little) so when they post them they show up in the correct orientation. You might do a Google search about this and perhaps contact FB to ask what's going on. It was months ago that this came up and truthfully, I haven't kept up with it.

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