Family Link app blocks Digital Wellbeing & Focus Mode settings

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I like to heavily restrict my phone to help me to focus on work, sleep, etc. On Android 9 I was able to use Family Link (me as child, wife as parent!) to restrict some apps, websites and settings, PLUS Digital Balance settings to add further restrictions.

I recently bought a POCO X4 Pro 5G (currently Android 11, due to be 12 soon). I setup the Digital Wellbeing & Focus Mode settings as I want them, then downloaded Family Link for extra restrictions.

However, as soon as I installed Family Link, the Digital Wellbeing & Focus Mode settings were turned off and I cannot access them. When I go to settings and tap "Digital Wellbeing & parental controls", it goes to Family Link.

Is there a way to use DW & Focus Mode as well as Family Link? Can I get round it somehow or do I have to stick to one option?

Seems crazy to turn off Focus Mode when Family Link is active. Shouldn't kids have that option too?!