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Oct 29, 2010
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I've read some of the threads here on 3rd party batteries and even some on desk/car docks.

I am pretty sure that if I got an extra battery I'd want it to be able to charge in the phone so I may just get a true Samsung from here (I have a gift cert to the AC store :) )

So I'd need to have a simple charger to charge up the spare outside the phone. Based on what is available at Amazon does anyone have any suggestions? At the same time some of the charges come with 1 or 2 batteries so who knows may just go with that if someone knows which isn't complete junk.

Simple charger seems nice quality - Amazon.com: Anker Multi-Purpose Universal Rapid Cell phone Battery Charger for Samsung Galaxy S i9000, Galaxy S2 i9100; Samsung Galaxy S 4G, Epic 4G,Infuse 4G, Exhibit 4G, Nexus S 4G; Samsung Fascinate, Captivate, I997; Samsung Driod Charge, Google n

2 batteries + charger $7 wtf?

Amazon.com: 2X Battery + FREE Travel Charger W/ USB Output for Samsung Galaxy S, Fascinate, Sprint Epic 4G, AT&T Captivate, T-Mobile Vibrant, i9000, i897, T959,: Electronics

I dunno there's too many to list. Thanks.

*FYI got the 2nd link with the 2 batteries. Works great. Batteries work great! Just can't charge them in the phone. I got a Sammy "real" battery so now I have 4. Completely changes the way I use my phone. I USE it now! Get yourself a spare battery and stop worrying about your power usage. DO IT! DO IT!
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