Favorite Apps for Android devices


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Apr 13, 2011
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Just my 2₵:

QuicKPic -- Because stock Gallery just sucks so bad.

Ghost Commander -- Every OS needs a file manager, and this is one of the best. Great for rooters, too!

Wuala -- Like Dropbox, but with decent security features.

Android Central app -- Duh! Keep up with your fav devices and Android rumors on the go.

Hacker's Keyboard -- Awesome general purpose keyboard. Extra-must-haavy if you are on a tablet.

UltraChron LIte -- Whether you are drag racing or baking dinner, this stopwatch/timer combo app is well designed, lightweight and pure awesome.


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May 25, 2012
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My favorite app for my android devices. Here is the list of my favorite and installed in my device.

1)Temple run - It is a nice entertaining game and i like this game very much.

2)iWedPlanner- The best app and useful app is to me is "iWedPlanner". I like iWedPlanner. It is a nice wedding app for organizing the wedding planning in an efficient way and within the budget. It has many features like seating arrangement, RSVP, resources, to-do list and more. You download this from google play and install it.

3)4)Angry Birds - It is the well known game and it is interesting one.

4)Mobile RSS - To get news update.

5)Mirrors Edge - It is also an interesting game app.