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Mar 6, 2011
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Chromecase is great but there are a couple features I think would turn this into a fantastic device.
1) Cast video only, audio still plays from device. The roku3 sends audio to its remove over wifi and is able to synchronize it so I suspect that this is feasible.
2) Cast to multiple sources. This would allow users to sent video to one chromecast on their TV but then send audio to a second chromecast on their stereo.
3) Screensaver or sleep mode when not accepting a stream.
4) Prevent unauthorized casts. Anyone on the network can cast which is not ideal if you are on a public or semi-public (ie hotel) network.
5) Cast in progress warning. I tried casting from one device (phone) and then began casting from another device (tablet) and it did not even blink, the first cast stopped and the second one began. This could be a problem if you have multiple devices and accidentally case to a device that someone else is using. I would like to see a warning, but then allow you to override the existing cast.
6) Cast across to remote devices. This would allow the casting on networks that have access point isolation enabled.

Does anyone have any other ideas for improving the chromecast?


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Jun 4, 2010
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I like all those ideas. What I don't know is how technically feasible some are. I wish I had my Chromecast but it's backordered.

One thing you have to keep in mind is you're not really casting it from the device. You're just telling the Chromecast device to stream it from the internet. So I'm not sure how much two-way interaction there is between the device and Chromecast (for things like your first suggestion, which is my favorite)

I might be able to pipe in with my own suggestions once I actually get mine.

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