Fed up with waiting for the ICS update??? (ICS has been leaked)


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May 12, 2011
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What kind of company promises a firmware update to their product "in the coming months", and then waits over 3 months to deliver on that promise? I find it almost as annoying as when I bought my LG Optimus V on Virgin Mobile and they claimed that it should be gingerbread upgradable... Hell... LG even promised at one point that the Optimus One product line would be upgraded... But over a year later, the only gingerbread available was from custom ROMs. I halfway expect something like that from VM. I can't be positive, but I don't think they've ever released a major update for any of their android phones. Oh well... Maybe I just put too much faith in AT&T and Samsung being better or something. Just have to wait and see if the current rumors of "before July" holds up. Patience is a virtue... Unfortunately, I'm not very virtuous.

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Mar 3, 2010
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Re: Is anyone else fed up with waiting for the ICS update???

I'm not fed up I went out and bought another phone with ICS already on it. :cool:

But you're right. Honestly, its supposed to be coming for the ATRIX 4G too, and that hasn't shown up either. Makes sense to concentrate more on the products that will bring in revenue as opposed to mature products that have already sold, but still, they committed to releasing ICS, and now they need to get the resources applied and do it.

Motorola originally shipped the ATRIX 4G with Froyo, and did in fact deliver Gingerbread for it.


Sep 28, 2011
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Re: Is anyone else fed up with waiting for the ICS update???

It doesn't bother me that much, the phone works great as-is. I have ICS on my tablets and it's great, but the initial upgrade was a big clusterf*ck of problems, so I'm not anxious to have my phone disabled for a few weeks just to say I have ICS on it.


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Jan 2, 2011
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Re: Is anyone else fed up with waiting for the ICS update???

I like how my Captivate Glide performs with Gingerbread but I still can't wait for the promised ICS update. All Samsung phones for AT&T that were promised ICS already got it, except for the Captivate Glide! I think Jelly Bean is still in somewhat of a buggy state so I wouldn't want it on my daily-driver phone but ICS is quite stable at 4.0.4.

As for buying another phone with ICS already on it, most of us holding on to the Captivate Glide do so because of the keyboard. There aren't any keyboard-equipped options with ICS beyond the low-speced Kyocera Rise (ugh, CDMA), the Photon Q (ugh, CDMA... double-ugh, Sprint) and the Xperia Pro, which I tried but turned out to be a complete deception.

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