filler phone until I get a Nexus 4... will this work?

Reza Abedi

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Dec 24, 2012
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Hello guys I really need some help

(sorry if I'm in the wrong forum, wasn't sure if I should post this under Nexus 4 or Gen Help)

I'm waiting on the Nexus 4 as I'm sure many of you are to take advantage of T Mobile's Monthly 4G. However, I have to leave my ATT family plan really soon so this leaves me with the tricky situation of needing a phone which will work on T Mobile's Monthly 4G until I get a Nexus 4 (or possibly some better android phone that'll come out in the near future).

So here is the question:
Will this combination work? HP Veer 4G for ATT + T-Mo's Monthly 4G. I've checked the coverage map of T Mobile and it says that 4G is available in Berkeley but I don't know if it's the 1700/2100 MHz 4G or the 1900 MHz 4G.

Here's the link to the phone:HP Veer 4G (AT&T) (White) (Unlocked) (Open Box)

Also when I register my phone with T Mobile I have to give the phone's UPC or some code inside the battery compartment of the phone right? When I do switch phones will I have to buy a new sim or is re-registering easy?

Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you


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Jul 8, 2012
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im buying the phone contract free ;) and my contract with att is abt to end so im leaving
yes, I understand that. ATT would let you unlock the contract phone(to use it with other carriers) since your contract is going to end
and you can use the same phone with T-Mobile till you get your Nexus 4

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