Final Decisions? Should I preorder?


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Dec 25, 2010
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Okay, so I have been and android fan forever.
I've had the G1, and moved on the the mytouch, then the cliq. (WORST DECISION EVER). Most of you may know the Cliq is a terrible phone, which is why I want to move to Verizon and get a new android phone.

I have been following the TB news for a long time.
I can say I am obsessed, as I check every other hour for news of the TB.
I really would love it to come out on the 14th, but really, any day in February is okay, but I am so anxious, I feel like my head will explode.

I may preorder the phone today from Best Buy.
I have looked at hands on videos from Best Buy, and the one hands on and unboxing video on youtube.

It looks like an AMAZING phone.

I really do not need rooting, and such.

And I know, that there is not any other price to pay besides the $50, but I want to know If it is worth laying that down for the phone at all.

In my opinion it is, but I think you guys would know more than me.


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Jan 29, 2011
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Depends if you want 1 year or 2 year contract. You can always reserve at BB and pull back once Verizon answers what they are doing. From there you have a $50 BB gift card you can do what you want with.
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Jan 4, 2011
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If you don't mind a 2yr contract and you want the phone, sure why not? At the least if you choose not to then you're only out a $50 gc.