Finally Note 3 is all mine! Want to unlock it from T-Mobile


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May 20, 2012
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Howdy all! Finally my Note 3 is all mine. Am happy with device, have no desire to get anything new. The Lollipop update went well for me and has made the Note 3 seem like a new version. But, have been reading about Marshmallow and read that Marshmallow may only be available to unlocked Note 3? Be that as it may, I still like the idea of not being locked to the carrier, even if I want to stay with them for the moment.

Installed the unlock app from Google Play store but it said it was not compatible with my device. OK, so contacted T-Mobile customer care and they sent me an unlock code. But instructions say I have to use a different sim card?

If you have unlocked from T-Mobile, which carrier did you go with? Anyone using Cricket?


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Feb 12, 2012
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Updates are available from the carrier whose phone it is. So if it's a TMobile phone, updates will come to it from TMobile - if it's on a TMobile account. (But I don't think you'll see a Marshmallow update tor the Note 3, locked or unlocked.)

The unlock apps available are for older phones. If the phone is a TMobile phone on a TMobile account, go to T-Mobile SIM Unlocking to get an unlock code (otherwise you'll have to buy one - look on eBay). But to use the code, you'll need a non-TMobile SIM (or, on some phones [I don't know if it'll work on a Note 3 - I can't remember if I tried it], dialing #7465625*638*# on the phone.

But that's just so you can use another carrier's SIM card - it has nothing to do with updates. (Except that if a TMobile phone is on, say, AT&T, it's not going to get updated.)

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