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Mar 20, 2014
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Emperor Legend, the Best Sango SLG Game You Have Never Played

Emperor Legend 1.jpg

Emperor Legend, a brand-new Three-Kingdom Period based online simulation strategy mobile game with delicate graphics, game playing and story line finally comes to players! As an online simulation strategy game but different with its counterparts, the Emperor Legend goes with enjoyable gaming experience.

Real & Fresh Historical Dungeons
Richer than ever, the Emperor Legend features background of the Three-Kingdom Period of China, reproducing the history of people suffering from chaos and warlordism, and history in urgent need of unity. And you will go through historically-famous battles, such as Battle of Red Cliffs and Battle of Yi Ling, to fight against more than thousands of characters and players online to expand your land and feel wisdom and strategy of historical famous generals and counselor like the saint of war, Guan Yu (Kuan Kung) and crouching dragon, Zhuge Liang.

Unique Research and Develop System
In the Emperor Legend, different war technologies covering military, trade, array resource, weapon etc, waiting for you to research and develop, by which you may get unexpected fantastic high-level weapon and valuable resource. Like in a real country, you, not only act as a country leader but also a strategist, will enjoy funs to exploit and develop grill ground, market, barrack, farmland, market, company etc. And training hero, recruitment, patrol and trading etc will let you become a comprehensive emperor leading state affairs no matter how big or trivial.

Distinct Individualized Heroes
Not only Guan Yu and Zhuge Liang, the Emperor Legend covers almost all famous generals, warlords, advisers, beauties etc of the Three-Kingdom Period. Heroes in Emperor Legend own rich and distinctive attributes with so many different unique skills, and hero deployment in different arrays will give you unexpected effect and surprise in battlefield. And you gonna also enjoy battle fighting by deployment of a wide variety of skill and tactics of heroes in Emperor Legend. In addition, heroes in Emperor Legend get changeable official position and occupation, which assists you to achieve more successes and let you experience more real character and realize more possibilities!

Fantastic Battle System
Emperor Legend loaded with abundant units of army with different skills, arrays of multiple different level for battle, and you can join the great corps war, even as a corps leader, to fight against numerous enemy players with your friend players together for higher achievements. When you grow strong, you can even conquer other players directly, seize their resource, affiliate them and accept their tribute, being a real emperor. And besides enemies, you also get chances to occupy the neutral cities easily for better state development. Furthermore, the arena and the coliseum where many elites gather are exciting places to prove your strength too, in which you can defeat masters in coliseum or win 64 matches in the arena to lift your rank!

Of course, besides features above, the Emperor Legend gets many other fascinating points like hero item system, trial tower, mysterious shop, resource contend etc, and all those are waiting for your joining!
Defense or attack, success or failure, that?s all up to you! Join Emperor Legend to conquer the new world and achieve your new legend!

For Android: Download from Google Play Store