Fingerprint scanner crashs phone s9


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Feb 22, 2019
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Every morning I turn on my phone and log in bc I cant use my fingerprint on first login (which I understand) however any time after that the phone doesnt even register that I'm touching the sensor, I go into settings, security, and then click on fingerprint scanner and the phone goes unresponsive, freezes for 10seconds and then fully shuts off. The word Samsung then appears like it would for a normal startup but it's like that for 15mins then it finally boots up after saying optimising apps 84 of 84 and has nothing but the apps, no time, no home bar, no weather information, nothing. And I cant use any apps. If I leave it on around 60secs it will turn off and go back into the cycle. I figured out that if I hold down the power button once its loaded up and power it off it will fix it, but only short term. Can someone help me?
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