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First time Android user here, maybe or still an Apple fanboy. What to do?


New member
Jun 29, 2014

I won an LG Q6 phone from a company raffle last year and I just received it today. And I'm lovin' Android. Being an Apple fan ever since iPhone 5 was launched, well it's something different and new. Though, I have no idea how to completely wipe off the device and to install the OS fresh from start just like what I do with iOS. I don't know where to get the latest version every of Android which is Oreo. Right now, I believe I am under the Android Nougat.

I am a mac user, so good thing there's an LG app to update my phone. But just to update my phone though. I am happy with the apps, they're faster than my iPhone 6 Plus. Right now, I am still waiting for the availability of the iPhone X. Though, I have two choices that my phone company has aside from iPhone X. It's either a Samsung Note 8 or a Samsung S8. Seriously, the functionality of apps in Android blew me away, beginning from FB's bubble thingy though annoying, but it's amazing. Even the alarm clock has a feature to draw a pattern before turning it off. And the control center really is an actual control center.

Moving forward, may you please help me out with this? Decision stuff, and with the cyanogen thingy though I do not look forward to root my device, maybe after the warranty expires, it's like jailbreak thingy right? How about just by using the official releases the OS from the manufacturer? I am a bit familiar with this as I used to update the firmware of my Sony Ericsson W800i before and my BlackBerry Curve too.

I'll be waiting for the reply of everyone. Also, I prefer using macOS. Yet, I think I really prefer to use Android as my phone. Seriously. Though I hope it integrates well with my mac.

Another thing, I would like guides about cases for Android phones and screen protectors, as well as memory card guides (don't have this on iOS devices).



Q&A Team
Nov 22, 2014
What exactly do you mean by wipe. Off and install the OS fresh from start? Because on Android that could mean several things like installing a clean AOSP version of Android, or even a simple factory reset.


Q&A Team
Jan 17, 2016
Welcome to the forums Juan, glad you like android! What iPeople call jailbreak is rooting in android vernacular. That said, you have myriad options to tweak your device exactly how you like, so rooting is not really necessary these days. I suggest exploring your settings carefully, there is an app to do anything you want if the native device can't do it.
The devices will let you know if there are software updates and it usually happens over the air (WiFi is recommended).
Apple doesn't play well with others, but you can use them together. Between here and our sister site iMore, there are many knowledgeable people to help you out there.
SD cards are great. When I get a new phone, I just poke the card into it and there are all my media files. I put the card into a pc abd back it up from time to time.
Enjoy your new phone, explore your new found freedom... ??????


Q&A Team
Jul 7, 2013
As for updating to the absolute latest OS version out, not all devices get it right away. You need to wait for (in this case) LG to release it for that device, and then possibly for your carrier to release it (which is sometimes faster than the unlocked versions get it). Android is not like iOS - Google does not have absolute control over the hardware stack so it's up to the device manufacturers as to when the device gets the updates.

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