Fixed my 2012 N7 today


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Aug 5, 2012
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About 45 days ago I just got tired trying to charge the 1st Gen N7 that seem to be charging for two days to get a 25% charge. Plus it was eating chargers so they didn't work well after I used them for a few days. The chargers would stop producing a charge and that makes the un-booted N7 boot up. The chargers are flaky after that that seem to have issues with being intermittent.

I had just got a new 2013 N7 to replace it so I was about to toss the 2012 into the trash. Then I decided to spent $20 and get a new battery that came from China to see it that was the issue. Popped in the new battery and plugged it in and saw nothing but a quick flash of light as I plugged in the charger with a black screen. Then after about 40 minutes I started to see it was slowing charging when I hit the power button. Now my old 1st Gen N7 friend lives again. However I have moved on and love my new N7 better. Going to give the 2012 N7 to a friend that lost everything in a house fire so it was worth the $20. I just couldn't toss it since it was a great device that I loved.
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