Flashed back to stock, problems - help?


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Feb 9, 2011
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Hi guys,

I'm copying my post into here from Reddit and XDA. All the posts about this process were so helpful but I definitely messed something up along the way and now can't do a few things. Any help is appreciated. This is a Samsung Fascinate - Verizon.

Here's my situation: yesterday I managed to one-click root my phone, no problem. Computer detected the device, I installed Titanium Backup, backed up my files, installed the kernel flasher (SGS Kernel?), backed up my stock kernel, and then installed ROM Manager and install Clockwork Recovery. I then flashed a new kernel to the phone which seemed to cause a problem, so I flashed back to the stock kernel and, brick. I don't think the Clockwork Recovery worked because I could never get the setup file to work when I tried to boot from recovery mode because basically when I tried to do the button-pushes ... it just gave me hash errors, I believe. I followed instructions on XDA to flash back to stock (from this link Odin Restore files to get you to stock - xda-developers), and after much tinkering, did get a chance to recover, and even got around the problem of showing I had no space available.

I have two problems now:

1) SMS messages won't send or receive as far as I can tell.
2) I'm in USB Debugging Mode but the phone is not being detected by the computer, even after mounting.
3) I can't flash one of the radio versions (dl09 or dj05) because my phone is not currently rooted (as it was flashed back to stock) and I can't get the phone to be detected to go back to re-root.

My problem re-root my phone so I can get Titanium Backup to get all my stuff back on the phone and can get rid of some bloatware and then NEVER ROOT AGAIN because I was terrified of bricking my phone and just want to have a fully functional stock phone and never do this again.

I have to travel tonight and would love my fully functional (stock) phone so I don't have to worry about emergencies or anything.

Can anyone point me in the right direction (I've done a little bit of "let me google that for you" and haven't had much luck) or provide me with some advice? Thanks in advance!
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