Fold 4 Delays in everything


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Sep 1, 2022
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I just moved from a Pixel 6 Pro to a Fold 4.

I have noticed 2 issues that were not present in my Pixel or in my previous S21 Ultra.

Nearly everything is delayed compared to my PC. I use Teams constantly, along with Whats App and Google Messages.

On my last 2 phones they went off nearly at the same time, within a second of one another, and viewing a message on the PC not only marked it as read but it also got rid of the notification if something was on the lock screen.

Now I get a message on my PC and it will take up to 45 seconds for it to appear on my phone and when I read a message on the PC which is mostly what I do during the day, it never removes the notification.

I do not care so much as the delay since I am seeing it on the PC but the notification goes off since it doesn't see the message as read.

So I get double notifications for everything.

This happens regardless of Wifi/Cellular or connection speed.

The only difference is carrier, I moved from Verizon to AT&T.

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